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10:00 pm - We Know Nothing
Common people are in darkness. Real ulama have heavenly light and can show the way from darkness to light. Those who claim they are salafiyun must bring their proof. What distinguishes them from others? Can they bring knowledge to give satisfaction to the hearts of believers and teach them the real aim of their creation?

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Sheikh Nazım
We Know Nothing
Jul26 2010 English 32min Common people are in darkness. Real ulama have heavenly light and can show the way from darkness to light. Those who claim they are salafiyun must bring their proof. What distinguishes them from others? Can they bring knowledge to give satisfaction to the hearts of believers and teach them the real aim of their creation?
Sheikh Nazım
Listen Don’t Ask
Apr16 2002 English 18min The only question for a servant is: “Are you happy with me?” This is the highest target. Don’t be like the ants who ask to be led to food. Just listen and you will be given what is needed for eternity.
Sheikh Nazım
Heart Collectors
Aug31 1992 English 6min Search for a heart collector - a sheikh or wali. This may be hard but if you are serious you will find. Until then find a good servant, even if he is not a Muslim, and keep his company. You will be blessed.
Sheikh Nazım
I Sit as a Servant Sits
Jul25 2010 English 44min The Seal of Prophets (sas) said: "I sit as a servant sits and eat as a servant eats.” In Islam there is no jealousy nor pride nor its fruit, anger. The proud, the jealous cannot enter Paradise. Be together on one level in love and respect and run to the way of the Prophet (sas).
Sheikh Nazım
Salafis and the Pangs of Death
Jul24 2010 English 38min Improve your understanding O Salafi ulama. Discern between ‘fahim’ and ‘faham’. Don’t follow western fashions just because the earth’s treasures have been opened to you. The Holy Ones are trying to make mankind understand. You have a chance to reflect before the angels and the pangs of death come.
Sheikh Nazım
Unlimited Worlds
Sep01 1990 English 17min In this other worldly sohbat Mawlana talks to a visitor about the nature of spiritual experience. The first step is the hardest, to wean the ego from dunya. For this one needs a guide. After that unlimited heavenly worlds open up before the traveler.
Sheikh Nazım
Ask to Reach Mahdi (as)
Jun13 2002 English 7min This earthly life has become unclean. When you make dua you must ask to reach the blessed time of S. Mahdi (as), the time of paradise on earth, the time when the earth is clean again.
Sheikh Nazım
Beauty in Paradise
Jul23 2010 English 33min Only beauty can enter Paradise. Sins make us ugly, so sinners cannot enter. Cosmetics will not take that ugliness from your face. Try to be a servant that is forgiven, with real beauty so that you may enter paradise. Ask forgiveness on the holiest of nights of Laylatu l-barā'a in the holy month of Shabān.
Sheikh Nazım
Heavenly Amber
Jul22 2010 English 36min You are being cheated. You are asking for tomato paste when you should be asking for amber. Prophets bringing Heavenly amber not earthly imitation amber. You must ask: where is it, who brought it, who has it, how should it be used? Search for the centers that teach this knowledge.
Sheikh Nazım
The Parade of Iskander
Jul20 2010 English 46min The Prophet (sas) is the best of teachers and he teaches us what is best. The Quran advises us to teach by means of stories. In this way the story of Alexander and the Faqir reminds us not to seek the pleasure of dunya but to seek the good pleasure of Allah Almighty.
Sheikh Nazım
Two Wings
Jul21 2010 English 34min To seek knowledge is obligatory on every man and woman. First surrender to Islam and then ask for knowledge to gain the higher levels of Faith. One wing is Islam, one wing is Iman (faith). With them you will rise to endless horizons. And each person has his own level that is veiled from all others.
Sheikh Nazım
Jul19 2010 English 41min People must be careful. They are leaving the Heaven-made things, the Quran and the Prophet, to follow man-made western theories. This is from shaytan. O kings, look at what is being taught to your children. Wake up before it is too late.
Sheikh Nazım
World Finance
Jan01 1984 English 38min Allah's Law is for everyone, it is not narrow. We are living in a period of tyrants and going away from Sharia. Western systems are going bankrupt. Four points must be taken seriously: 1: Real money values must be in gold and silver. 2: Interest must be finished. 3: Debt and credit should be finished. 4: Waste must be stopped.
Sheikh Nazım
No Heavenly Honour
Jul18 2010 English 34min Those who have some power view others as being beneath them. Who puts their trust in the world cannot be trusted. Self-important personalities resemble jungle animals. They lose heavenly honour. The prophets came to teach mankind about their heavenly ranks. The ulama are not reminding people what their Lord created them for.
Sheikh Nazım
Amali Shaytan
Jul16 2010 English 27min The purpose of Man on earth is to be a good one, not a bad one. To be good, follow the good ones. Salafi complain about dhikrullah and say nothing about football when it is one of the amali shaytan, doings of satan, keeping people from the mosques.
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Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
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Know that: you come to this world from an unknown world of nothingness, and again will be travelling to another unknown territory of nothingness. If our occupation and concern is only to fill our stomachs and pursue our physical pleasures - if this is your life - then it is a life deprived of human value and honour.

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