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Democracy & Monsters Mar08 2014 Turkish 29min
Sheikh Nazım
Man was honoured by his Creator and with that honour comes responsibility. He must keep this honour, this light, and not become like a wild animal.
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Chasing Your Shadow Aug13 2013 Turkish 41min
Sheikh Nazım
Allah did not create you to carry dunya. He made you to be His khalifa, the sultan of dunya but you haven't understood what that means. The ones who don't understand are in the streets, the few who do understand are hidden. The Prophet (sas) taught his companions the true value of dunya by means of their shadows. You made a pledge to Allah that He is your only Lord and you have broken it.
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Who Is the Sultan? Aug07 2013 Turkish 39min
Sheikh Nazım
Maru'a is courage that arises from man's humanity. May we be increased in it. Why do you think you are here? Did you come for eating and drinking? For fighting and amassing wealth? Think about it because an hour of thinking is worth more than 70 years of worship. Our way is gold. Seek the One on whose order the universe moves, the Owner of Creation. Don't fight over the world, look for its Sultan.
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The Manifestation Of Power Aug04 2013 Turkish 33min
Sheikh Nazım
This morning, the morning of Laylatu-l Qadir, in the sohbat of Shah-i Mardan, Mawlana spoke about the Tajalli that happens in Laylatu-l Qadir. Mawlana showed how this holy night is related to the very existence of Man and his tragic fall.
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In The Likeness Of Uj Jul30 2013 Turkish 38min
Sheikh Nazım
The quality of the people of today is gluttony. They eat and eat and are never satisfied even if they swallow a whole elephant. They are like the giant Uj ibn Unuq. When they are finished they say, Hal min Mazid. - isn't there any more? These are the words of hell and they are the people of the hellfire. No one is teaching them either their own value or the value of Dunya. Ask for forgiveness.
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For Morsi Or Against Morsi Jul29 2013 Turkish 33min
Sheikh Nazım
A man is more valuable than the whole world. Learn what gives man that value and what brings him down to the lowest level. Real gems are never given to an animal, yet the horse goes around proud of its false beads. The donkey, too, shocks the lion with its ugly loud voice. O Egyptians, do not waste your time and humanity fighting "For Morsi Or Against Morsi". In Brazil, all are excited over the Pope's visit, what has he really offered them?
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The Shari'ah & The Constitution Jul03 2013 Turkish 42min
Sheikh Nazım
S. Musa (as) was ordered to take off his shoes because he was in al-Wadi al-Muqaddasi Tuwa. He was ordered to take off dunya and to come to "Us". The Disciples asked for the table and did not see that this big world is all the Divine table. And the Christians, till now, are still fighting over the table! O Muslims, Leave all fighting and look after the honour given to you, keep Allah's Shari'at! Remember that the Beloved (sas) was called to step on al-'Arsh, the Throne.
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