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May Allah Make You Happy Jan07 2012 English 17min
Sheikh Nazım
Faith gives light to the face and happiness to the heart. Welcoming his honorable Malaysian guests, HRH Shaykh Raja Ashman, the Chief Minister, the Mufti and a Hindu medical doctor, Mawlana explains the power of faith and the value of kings. And, what is more beautiful, through his own example, Mawlana teaches us all an invaluable lesson in humility, simplicity, mercy and hospitality. MashaAllah. "May Allah Make You Happy! - الله يسعدكم".
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The Wisdom of a King Nov28 2011 Arabic 10min
Sheikh Nazım
A Minister wanted his King to benefit first from the treasures of a merchant ship but the King scolded him instead of praising him. From this story Mawlānā draws a lesson for all the governments of the modern world.  
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Heavenly Kingdom on Earth Feb17 2010 English 42min
Sheikh Nazım
Everything the Prophet ﷺ brought us was Heavenly. Heavenly stations are prepared for Man as grants from Allāh Almighty. It is obligatory for Man to seek and reach higher levels. Shayṭān makes Man forget Heavenly Reality and instead pursue Worlds of Darkness. His system of government is everywhere. People of all faiths must follow their Holy Books and ask for rule by Theocracy, particularly the Muslim World. There will be no peace, only cursing, until there is a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth.
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