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Take from Every Kind of Sweet Feb07 2024 Turkish 16min
Sheikh Nazım
The Prophet ﷺ told us to worship, give charity, and help others. Don’t be stingy, telling yourself worshipping is enough. Do some of each and taste the sweetness of coming nearer to Allāh ﷻ and the Prophet ﷺ. Whatever you can do, be happy and thankful that Allāh ﷻ gave you the chance.
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One of the Greatest Miracles Feb06 2024 Turkish 19min
Sheikh Nazım
Our Prophet ﷺ was given many miracles. They were recorded by his ﷺ companions and mentioned in The Qur’ān. One of the greatest is Isrā’ wa-l-Mi‘rāj. It shows humanity the greatness of Allāh ﷻ and His ﷻ Prophet ﷺ. Those who believe are happy with what Allāh ﷻ granted this night.
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Be Polite with People Feb05 2024 Turkish 18min
Sheikh Nazım
There are so many shayṭāns preventing people from entering the mosque and the dergah. Do not, by your words or actions, drive them away when they come to the door. Control your ego.
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Best Is Long Life with Good Deeds Feb04 2024 Turkish 13min
Sheikh Nazım
Our Prophet ﷺ said the best from his ﷺ Ummah are those who have a long life and do good deeds. But most people are using their time to run after the bad, even if it brings harm. Whatever time Allāh ﷻ gave us is a miracle. May He ﷻ guide us to use it for good.
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The Truth of the Night Journey Feb02 2024 Turkish 24min
Sheikh Nazım
Al-ḥamdu liLlāh, Tuesday night we celebrate the Night Journey, in shā’a Llāh. Those who say it was a dream are misleading people and destroying belief. He ﷺ was invited to the Divine Presence. To be from his ﷺ Nation is an honour. Ask to know the value of this honour.
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Keep the Honour of Banī Ādam Feb01 2024 Turkish 12min
Sheikh Nazım
Allāh ﷻ says in the Qur’ān that He ﷻ honoured the children of Ādam (as). If they keep that honour by following His ﷻ orders, they will be higher than jinn or angels. There is no honour in doing whatever you like, in following ego or shayṭān.
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