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Children of Shayṭān Apr23 2019 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
It is almost Ramaḍān. The ego is never happy with Ramaḍān because it becomes powerless and unable to work fitnah. Allāh ﷻ honoured humanity so do not try to be an animal like those who kill innocent believers. Those who promote this behaviour, like the Wahhabis, are the children of Shayṭān. They only believe in richness.
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No Ordinary Fire Apr16 2019 English 14min
Sheikh Nazım
The cathedral in Paris burned yesterday. Even with all the technology there was nothing they could do. Humanity lost some of its heritage as it did with the loss of holy maqams in Syria and Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. Although we are not happy about it we must try to derive some lesson from the loss. You may think you are free to do anything but Allāh ﷻ has the last say.
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Surrender and Relax Apr12 2019 English 17min
Sheikh Nazım
Laylatu l-Barā’ah is approaching, the most important night of the Muslim calendar when the events of the future year are written. Submit to His ﷻ will and relax. Whatever He ﷻ sends we welcome. It is all in His ﷻ hands.
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Laylatu l-Isrā’ wa-l-Mi‘rāj Apr02 2019 Turkish 29min
Sheikh Nazım
On this night Allāh Almighty sent Jibrā’īl (as) to invite the Prophet ﷺ to come to Him ﷻ. Many ignorant people claim it was a dream or a spiritual event but it was a journey in the body, out of time, approaching nearer to Allāh ﷻ than any other creation, even angels are able. The night is for praying and the day for fasting. Its reward is like 60 months of worship.
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Everything Comes from Allāh ﷻ Apr01 2019 Turkish 11min
Sheikh Nazım
Worldly life is short. It is not your business to be angry or sad with what happens in it. What people need Allāh ﷻ sends. He ﷻ is the One who changes things. Everything has its wisdom. So take care of your provision and your prayers and you will win in the Hereafter.
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