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Don’t Be Arrogant Nov14 2017 English 17min
Sheikh Nazım
Don’t be arrogant and say you are strong. Allāh ﷻ will give you something to show you your weakness. Don’t judge others. Don’t disrespect the ṣaḥābah and awliyā’. Don’t try to fix perfection. This is not Islām.
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Be with the True One Nov12 2017 English 16min
Sheikh Nazım
This is a hard time because the true ones are few and hard to find. Happiness comes from love of Rasūlu Llāh ﷺ. Love for him ﷺ is the true love. It is the plan of shayṭān to destroy this love for the Prophet ﷺ and his companions and awliyā’ by first destroying their graves.
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Spiritual and Material Balance Nov11 2017 English 16min
Sheikh Nazım
It is important to have a murshid to help you follow in the way of Rasūlu Llāh ﷺ. He will help you find a balance between your spiritual and material life because then you can fly safely.
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In Hand Not in Heart Nov01 2017 English 13min
Sheikh Nazım
The purpose of Ṭarīqah is to make you Insānu l-Kāmil like the Prophet ﷺ – perfect. You must get rid of the love of dunyā. You must be ‘ābid and zāhid, servant and ascetic. You can have riches in your hand in order to serve Allāh ﷻ but you cannot have love for them in your heart.
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