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Use Your Time Wisely Dec10 2019 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
Life is short. Stick to the reality which is the Qur’ān, Allāh ﷻ, the Prophet ﷺ, and your Murshid. Without your Murshid you won’t be able to understand the others. The Murshid cannot inherit his rank like a king. He is appointed by Allāh ﷻ and given the capacity to carry it.
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The Master Is the One Who Serves Dec08 2019 English 16min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlānā Shaykh Nāẓim’s (q) station was that of khādim, service. He wanted to save all of mankind from the hand of shayṭān. A true master of people is the one who serves them, the one who is master of their hearts.
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Charge Your Soul Dec07 2019 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
Muslims have an appointment with Allāh ﷻ five times a day. Sajdah is the total surrender of the self to the majesty of Allāh Almighty who is in control of everything. Charge your soul with prayer and sajdah, don’t let its battery run down.
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