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Al-Mulku liLlāh Dec12 1994 Turkish 8min
Sheikh Nazım
The special angels in the Heavens call out every day, “be born to die, build to destroy” – a sharp reminder that everything is under Allāh’s ﷻ sovereignty. Nothing remains; it goes from new to old and then to collapse. Everyone who is born must die and everything that is built must be destroyed.
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Unity Is Our Aim Dec10 1994 Turkish 33min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlana candidly answers the questions of a Turkish reporter about the condition of Turkey and Cyprus. The goal is unity and peace. Muslims must unite and help each other defeat the deceivers.
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A Second Rise of Islām Dec10 1994 Turkish 10min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlānā discusses the meaning of the āyah of Qur’ān (24:55) which promises that after living in fear, in war and persecution just for being Muslim, Islām will regain its rule and power. He gives the good news of a second rise of Islām.
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The Value of a Breath Jun28 1994 Turkish 33min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlānā speaks to the ḥadīth: One breath is worth 1,000 years in the grave. In any breath you might say the shahādah and win salvation. In the grave any action, for good or bad, is no longer possible. If we could hold on to the spiritual power of Lā ilāha illā Llāh, we could fly.
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Within the Circle of Islām Jun28 1994 Turkish 7min
Sheikh Nazım
Safety lies within the circle of Islām. Muslims are guarded physically from harm by assigned angels, a circle of protection. But Muslims are also within the circle of Allāh’s ﷻ mercy which Mawlānā calls the circle of gentleness; their inadequate actions are judged with mercy and forgiveness.
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Caravan to the Divine Presence Jun15 1994 Turkish 41min
Sheikh Nazım
You are rewarded according to your intention so make big intentions. Find the caravan to the Divine Presence and join it. Find a Murshid who can help train your ego so you can ride it to your Lord. Who is busy with Islām rather than dunyā, will have no problems.
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The Circle of Hud (as) Jun15 1994 Turkish 39min
Sheikh Nazım
At the maqam of a great Awliya, Mawlana warns the people that the world is counting down. There is no safety other than within the circle of the kindness of Islam, the circle of belief that Sayyidna Hud (as) drew around himself and his followers. No other way leads to perfection or to peace.
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