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Beware of Your Ego Jan21 2020 English 17min
Sheikh Nazım
We put our ego higher and higher and although we need ego for some things, it is not our friend. We must teach it that Allāh ﷻ and Rasūlu Llāh ﷺ are above it. Don’t look around you. Look inside you and compete with yourself.
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Allāh ﷻ Is the Light Jan19 2020 English 20min
Sheikh Nazım
We are all servants of Allāh ﷻ. Even the master of the people is a servant. Our murshid is our master and he serves us. Take his hand and he will take you to the Light which is Allāh Almighty. Don’t look at the outside but look at the heart. You cannot lose by believing.
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Sing for the Sick Man Jan18 2020 English 19min
Sheikh Nazım
We must be satisfied and thankful to Allāh ﷻ for all He ﷻ gives us. People today just complain and make their prayers as short as possible. Allāh ﷻ wants the best from us. Today they think if they arrange a concert they will save the world. Each person has his own judgment day. Save yourself.
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Like Gold in the Earth Jan14 2020 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
Be careful what you do and recognize the value of honesty and purity. Īmān must be pure. Like gold in the Earth it is rare and precious. You must search for it. Al-ḥamdu liLlāh Mawlānā left us with a pure Murshid.
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Ask Allāh ﷻ for the Impossible Jan12 2020 English 15min
Sheikh Nazım
From dunyā you can only ask for what is possible. We were created with certain limits. But from Allāh ﷻ you can and should ask the impossible for He ﷻ makes the impossible, possible. Working with what Allāh ﷻ has given you, brings satisfaction. Don’t make Him ﷻ angry with you, like the anger burning in Australia.
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This Is Our Stage Jan11 2020 English 20min
Sheikh Nazım
Allāh ﷻ gave us this time to be on stage in the world. It is our time to be tested. However hard, this is the easy part, then comes giving up the soul and Qiyāmah. Allāh ﷻ is wise and He ﷻ will take revenge for wrongdoing. The fires in Australia are a punishment for their refusal to share their water with the wild camels.
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Everything Built Must Be Destroyed Jan07 2020 English 21min
Sheikh Nazım
We are hardly into the new year and the world is boiling. Everything has an end. The world belongs to no one and to everyone. It must be shared to have value. Allāh ﷻ rules everything and even shayṭān has a function to make us remember.
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The Woodcutter and the Rope Jan01 2020 English 21min
Sheikh Nazım
2020 is a good number. In shā’a Llāh, it brings goodness for everybody. Ḥājjah Anne used to tell a story about a woodcutter, who for money, agreed to spend the night in the grave of a rich man. After trying all night to account to the angels for his rope, he lost any interest in gold. This is a wise lesson to make your road open. Look after the poor, remember your weakness and Allāh’s ﷻ power, be a good servant.
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